Poor Clare Nuns
Christ the King Monastery

I may present these tidbits in story form, just to keep you from falling asleep, rather than create a tome of hideous behaviors. I may create fictitious names to protect the guilty, or I may throw all caution to the wind and call them out for who they are. Dunno yet, but for sure, one way or another, You will find out what's been going on 'behind the curtain', and You will know who they really are, and put an end to it.
By the way, This is not an official website approved by anyone but myself, even though it may look like something you have seen in the past.

Be assured, I will provide documents and actual pictures to support my claims, and promise to be as factual and honest as possible. I hope you understand that my goal is NOT to inflict pain or embarrassment on anyone, guilty or innocent. Rather, I present this to you, dear reader, hoping that we can fend off the 'Devil Within', and make our Church what it should be.

The Court of Public Opinion is now in session. Will the Jury please read the charges and take action as befits the crime?

                                           As they say, STAY TUNED!
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Our new websites will always be,
by the Hand of God,
a 'Work in Progress'.
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