Poor Clare Nuns
Christ the King Monastery
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                                              Why is there a problem at all?

 When you think of a group of people living an exemplary life of prayer and poverty, hoping that their sacrifice will add meaning to their prayers, you tend to rely on them to 'put in a good word' to the Lord on our behalf. But what if their lives are not as exemplary as we might suppose, or what if they define 'Poverty' a bit differently...?

What if this exemplary life they are living includes Fraud, Law-Breaking, placing themselves way above the rest of us 'Commoners'? What if they enjoy eating in the finest restaurants, hitting the Casino, or having paid help to clean their toilets?

What if, rather than living a life of poverty as St Clare would have them follow, as their own Constitution mandates, as in live frugally, allowing for small amounts of money to be placed into savings for emergencies, what if you knew it might not be like that at all, for them? What if you knew how much money they had in the bank, all the while crying 'poor', asking for even more from you?

These ideas should be sufficient to at least make you wonder, ya? So maybe we discover it's just the tip of the iceberg? Then what?

Hopefully, when we pull back the curtain and expose the reality, we can put the pressure on them to "Get Right With Jesus", and make some radical changes for the betterment of us all.
                                                All will be answered soon!
                                               As they say, STAY TUNED!
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