Poor Clare Nuns
Christ the King Monastery
I'm certainly not claiming any abuse of power by the sisters, but as you will learn soon, there are questionable activities that have been observed. But it is entirely up to you, dear reader, to decide whether or not they amount to abuse of our trust or whatever. You decide. Then after you become aware, YOU can put a stop to it and get things in our Church back on track.

Also, this is about only one group of sisters, ones with whom I've had personal contact over the years, but, I have no reason to doubt that these activities are more pervasive than imagined. I have found that the powers within the Federation are not exempt from these charges, and I believe the actions of the Federation President show us that the attitudes towards what we deem right and just are not much different from our local so-called abbess.

Besides the actual factual evidence, I will also offer to you some insight as to how certain individuals can attain the highest levels of command and control even though they may be the very least amongst us, that they are most inept in their duties, yet least likely to ever accept responsibility for their failures. As they say, STAY TUNED!

I hope to show how one individual's personality aberrations can effectively destroy an organization from within, how they can use and manipulate others for their own personal gain. I also hope to point out some possible reasons why they get voted into office, time and again, in spite of their failures. I will suggest how they are able to achieve their 'untouchable' status, and especially, how they hoodwink the outsiders by presenting a persona that is totally Not who they really are.

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