Poor Clare Nuns
Christ the King Monastery
                                        And the story begins to get interesting...

                                                                But first, this:

The following information is being provided from first-hand experience and in many cases, there will be pictures and documents to support it. To the best of my knowledge, all are factual accounts as described, but due to the time frame of observation, several decades, there may be unintentional inaccuracies or mistakes due to lapses in memory.

Now, exactly why? Why bring all this up? Why do you need to know what we have been dealing with all these years?

In our world there are organizations that have a power structure that the insiders seek to retain at all costs. Any embarrassing situations that threaten the status quo are quickly swept under the rug, hidden from the public eye. At any cost, the public image must be upheld. This has happened even in the Catholic Church in recent history, and there's only one reason these things get corrected: public knowledge and outcry.

This website seeks to make public some of the abuses of public trust that our beloved religious institutions may have engaged in, hoping that our combined public outcry will bring about some much needed reformation. Our Church is under attack from many sides, and our immortal souls will suffer if we lose this battle. What we Don't need is having the enemy within!

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Our new websites will always be,
by the Hand of God,
a 'Work in Progress'.
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