Poor Clare Nuns
Christ the King Monastery
                                                Dearest friends and relatives,
As you may know by now, Christ the King Monastery of Delray Beach, Florida, has sold it's property on Sherwood Boulevard, for around five million dollars. It's been said that the sale came at an opportune time for the sisters. Rome had decided that they didn't have enough sisters to continue as a monastery, so they were ordered to disband and disperse to whatever sufficiently large monastery each sister could find to her liking. They had lost their autonomy and were no longer permitted to hold elections. There was no longer an abbess, or a vicaress and all authority would be transferred to the Federation.

Besides that, it's been said that certain members of the community actually hated the place and were glad to be rid of it. But that's a tale for another day, perhaps sooner than later. STAY TUNED! as they say.

So, the remaining five sisters decided they needed time to ponder their options, a thing called discernment. They chose to buy a nice pool home on the golf course in an exclusive, gated community, for well over a million dollars, plus lots more to fix the place up a bit. The rest of the proceeds from the sale of the Delray property got stashed away in the bank. I've heard that even though the Bishop may have suggested the money be used to fund the sisters' transition to other monasteries, they may not have thought he had any right to say so, so they dismissed his recommendations outright. Again, another story for another day,
                                                          so yes, STAY TUNED!

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