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A Moment in a Life
As you can imagine, there are so many things throughout the day that need our attention. We organize ourselves into Spiritual, Business, and Personal operations. Our 'specialized' departments include : Sachristy, Bursar, General Office and Insurance, Spiritual Cards,  Phone and 'Turn', Graphics, Altar Breads, Novitiate, Building and Grounds Maintenance, Kitchen, Shopping and Cooking, Transportation, Medical, Library, and Technical Resources Management. Probably a bunch more, but who can keep track? Yes, they're all the same types of things you deal with! However, we intensify: for us, our life of prayer is one of living a life while making our prayers an integral part of our living.
We usually have a Sister assigned to each 'department' as primary responsible person. Some of these positions are elected, some are assigned, and some are filled by volunteers as-needed, but all of us share in each of the duties at one time or another.
One of our more important operations is our Altar Bread Department, which provides us with a substantial portion of our income. (Thanks for your support!) Over the years we have learned to embrace technology and use it to improve our efficiency and reduce our expenses. By carefully monitoring our work patterns, we are able adjust our activities, keeping wasted efforts and resources to a minimum. This, in turn, allows us more time for our mainstay -- Prayer!
We hope, as time goes by, that we can offer different glympses of how our lives of work become prayer.
Today we shine the spotlight on our Altar Bread Department.
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While packing Altar Breads for shipment to a local parish, Sister is drawn to meditating about all the people attending mass, partaking in the
Holy Eucharist, and their difficulties during these times of trial and tribulation in America and throughout the world.
She remembers how Jesus distributed the loaves of bread on the mount, and thus gave nourishment to the multitudes.
She prays that her labors will help nourish the spirit of today's people everywhere.