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"A moment in a Life", the story of how we turn mundane
living into prayer...
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Our Ministry is centered around prayer,   so it follows that everything we do in daily life becomes prayer.  Our activities in the Altar Bread room, for example, are performed with a joy in our heart, knowing that our work here will enrich the souls attending Mass at a local church ...
In preparing a Spiritual Card for one in need, we meditate on the love of the sender and the needs of the recipient ...
In preparing our meals, we pray that the Lord will also provide nourishment for the less fortunate among us ...
Even while taking out the garbage, we pray for our officials for their efforts in the recycling program, limiting waste in our culture so that others may enjoy the bounty before us ...
We have periodic community meetings to discuss relevent affairs, and are reminded of Christ and His deciples, gathered together in prayer ...
    "When you live life to its fullest, 
                              you will find it always includes prayer.
                              When you include prayer, 
                                                  you will always live life to the fullest!"
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