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About Poor Clares
Original line drawings of St Francis and St Clare by Sr Clare-Ellen 
The Poor Clares were founded in 1212 by St. Francis of Assisi who received the 18 year old Clare into the way of Gospel living that he had received. In a very short time many Monasteries, following this way of life led by Clare and her sisters, sprang up all over Italy and other parts of the world. By 1875, the Clarian life had spread to North America.
As members of the Second Order of the Franciscan Family, we do not engage in external ministries. Prayer is our very life. The atmosphere of a Poor Clare Monastery is that of a family working together to help support themselves. It is a family that prays together and supports one another through mutual encouragement and fidelity. Fraternal unity is manifested by a love and reverence for one another, by a joyful and cheerful attitude, and through genuine caring and bearing one another's burdens. In this way, we model the words of St. Francis, that we do not just say prayers, we become prayer.
What is contemplative life? The contemplative life is a unique expression of Christian life. Like all Christians, we try to live out the gospel of Jesus Christ. However, as contemplative sisters, we have chosen to set aside family, career, travel, and desire for security, in exchange for a solitary life within a community. Logic cannot explain the desire to spend our day in prayer and constant search for God’s presence. This can only be a “call” or “vocation” from God.
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Who was Francis?
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Who was Clare? 
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