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Excerpts from 2018 CTKM Newsletter 

This year Valentine’s Day fell on Ash Wednesday. At Mass the Deacon’s homily was very apropos as he spoke of how Love is at the “heart” of both events. Ash Wednesday was a special time to ponder the Love of the Heart of Christ, who willingly gave His life for us. This Sacrifice opened the way for the Holy Spirit to come to prepare our hearts for the journey we all must take; the journey that leads us all to the Heart of the Father’s Love.

The Diocese of Palm Beach honored 14 Jubilarians on Saturday. May 12, 2018 at St. Ignatius Loyola Cathedral, with a 4:30 p.m. Liturgy followed by Dinner. Among the Jubilarians were four sisters from Christ the King Monastery: Sr. Veronica, 65 years; Sr. Kathleen, 50 years; Sr. Christine, 50 years; Sr. Berta, 25 years.

On June 3rd, Knight Mark Chavin, Knights of Columbus #4999, came to visit and present their annual donation. He was accompanied by Penni Conroy and Shirley Bouchard, of the Knights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary. After all the updates of their charitable works, Penni shared some interesting and funny experiences that make up the course of her day. We are grateful for their generosity and remembrance of us each year.

On August 9th, Msgr. Toups invited us for a meal at the seminary. Celebrating birthdays during the year has always been a special time to show gratitude for the gift of each sister’s life, and for each one’s vocation. We usually gather to enjoy some festive food and light conversation, including humorous memories. Srs. Linda and Monica each obtained their driver license this past year.

Throughout the year we had significant health issues, but now everyone is doing well. Thank you for your prayers. We offer our grateful prayers to all the priests, deacons and seminarians from St. Vincent de Paul Seminary who make it possible for us to have daily Mass at our Monastery.

Throughout the year, we have been mindful of the people whose lives have been devastated by natural disasters and wars all over the world. Our fervent prayer is that those affected by the devastation may feel the healing power of Jesus. As the year closes, we thank all who have visited our monastery, our workers and our volunteers, for their efforts to lighten our load. Thanks for the donations of food and monetary support. Your thoughtfulness and generosity are greatly appreciated.We keep all our families, friends and benefactors in prayerful remembrance, especially those who have passed to eternal life.