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"Keep your eyes  fixed on Jesus."  (St Clare of Assisi)
Each Poor Clare desires to do just this, to keep her eyes fixed on Jesus, through a contemplative style of living in community.
St Clare writes in her Testament, that the greatest of all gifts from our loving God is the gift of vocation.  We believe that young women are being called to live this Franciscan, contemplative life in Delray Beach, Florida and we pray that they will respond generously to God's invitation to give one's life completely to the One who gave His life completely for love of us.
Basic requirements for a candidate
1) Be a practicing Catholic, actively engaged in a parish
2) Have completed high school and some college, or have work experience
3) Be in good health and emotionally stable
4) Be between  21 and 50 years of age
5) Be free of responsibility for any dependants
6) Desire for prayer and be willing to enter a life of on-going conversion in community
7) Have the humility and flexibility to embrace this unique and very fulfilling Gospel way
     of life
If you feel a stirring in your heart to know more about the vocation of a Poor Clare and feel that God may be calling you to consider embracing this Franciscan, contemplative way of life, please contact us at the address or phone number given on the Contact Information page.
(If you feel the "Pull of the Lord", but question yourself or your qualifications,
call us; let's talk!)